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Government Document Management Software

The cost effective, compliant solution for the Public Sector:

Local, state and federal government agencies need to be more efficient to better serve citizens. Compliance with regulations and policies require agencies to keep records for several years, consuming human resources and increasing costs. docSTAR government document management improves document retention timelines and provides instant access to any document; including invoices, contracts, personnel records, correspondence, compliance forms, spreadsheets, manuals, and citizen records.

Is your Local, County or State Agency Situationally Aware?

“Delivering relevant information in real time.” docSTAR defines this outcome as “Situational Awareness”. Historically, the most common means of obtaining situational awareness would be to identify what information is required for the mission and search through printed material, data repositories, Web links, news media, and voice communication. As many of you know, this manual process is very time-consuming and may not produce timely results. As such, IT infrastructure and systems have to be developed to collect data and information from disparate sources, process the data into logical outputs, and push it to the user to make better and more informed decisions. The systematic process of obtaining the right information at the right place and time is optimized by geographic information system (GIS) technology like MapConnect with document management from docSTAR.

docSTAR and MapConnect are essential technologies for providing personnel with enhanced situational awareness. Data and information stored or hyperlinked via a geo-database provides intuitive, actionable information in the context of a map, and in real time.

Government Document Management Enables:

  • Linking directly to ESRI’s ArcGIS Server (version 10.1 compatible).
  • Quickly and efficiently purchase under GSA schedule 70 (GS-35F-0834R).
  • Geospatially enable your documents with MapLink.
  • Streamline access to supporting documents from GIS and other applications.
  • Reduce paper storage costs.
  • Automate, Protect and Seal the content of sensitive information.
  • Enhance service to citizens with Web publishing of public records.
  • Share files with multiple users in many offices.
  • Instantly locate files and never lose them.
  • Easily import legal documents, incident reports, building pre-plans, safety data sheets, plus much more


Map Connect 2.0ESRI Logo

docSTAR MapConnect 2.0 is a GIS Document Management solution that provides a central place for government organizations and businesses to easily view specific Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial information and related documents in seconds for better planning and management. Users can easily access GIS layers and instantly locate and display both GIS maps, data, and docSTAR documents all with the click of a button. Linking land and asset based documents to their geographic features speeds up retrieval and allows for immediate access in cases of emergency. In addition, docSTAR is GSA schedule 70 approved, so federal agencies can purchase docSTAR MapConnect through a Service-Disable Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) contract.

docSTAR MapConnect

docSTAR MapConnect 2.0 is a web application that amplifies the capabilities of non-technical people, granting seamless access to documents stored in docSTAR and GIS information through an intranet portal. The MapConnect suite includes three applications that seamlessly integrate with ESRI ArcGIS software.

  • MapView™ is a web-based mapping application which enables users to click a point on a map and retrieve all associated documents.
  • ArcMap™ Toolbar for ArcGIS Desktop lets users geographically retrieve documents without leaving their GIS software.
  • MapLink™ allows users to quickly link documents with geospatial features.

GIS Document Management Benefits

  • Easy integration with ArcGIS (an ESRI® solution) and docSTAR
  • Instant access from a map to any document related to a parcel of land.
  • Multiple User access simultaneously
  • Access city or county maps, related documents, and parcel info within the same window.
  • Easy-to-use in a plug-and-play web portal environment.
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