The 14 Best Articles for 2014 on ECM, Document Management, AP Automation & Much More

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In honor of 2014, we present our 14 favorite posts on document management, enterprise content management, ERP, AP automation & much more.

Which one was your favorite?

Cloud vs. On-Premises: 4 Questions You Need to Ask

Technology such as document management requires a decision for an on-premises solution (private cloud) or a cloud option. When deciding on one option, consider these 4 questions.

Countdown to 2015: Fix Your Old Processes Before the New Year

When fixing your digital processes, especially during the crunch time of the end of the year, define the problem, evaluate the bottleneck, utilize internal resources, rethink business processes, and build-in flexibility.

Follow That InvoiceThe invoice approval process using a traditional system can take a needless amount of time to complete each step, which also increases the risk of mistakes or even losing the invoice. With AP Automation, the time and risk of invoice processing is greatly reduced.
3 Things You Need to Know About Automating Your Business Processes in 2014With the potential for Business Process Automation in 2014, did most companies looking to implement BPA accomplish it? The three main steps the led the successful ones along the way were identifying efficiency roadblocks, making a wish list & finding the right partner.
Top Three Ways the Cloud Improves Efficiency and Reduces CostWhen deciding if the cloud is right for a business, collaboration, innovation and security are among the key factors that should influence one’s decision.
Is Your Business Process Optimized for the Future?Business Process Improvement is vital for a growing company. With the rise of mobile devices, automated processes, collaboration, and information and data available, there are more than enough factors of which to take advantage.

Document Management System ROI: How Much Money Could You Save?

Using document management software could save your business time and money by eliminating paper-based processes. Clinical transcription service, M*Modal, saved $65,820 per year by making the switch.

Legal-Ease: The Benefits of Document Management for Law OfficesInformation kept with law firms contains private information that is constantly in need of being accessed. With document management software law firms can find those important documents quickly, securely and with diminished storage costs.

Refine Your Document Management Systems (DMS) and Improve Company Performance By Q1 2015

Document management software does more than just store documents digitally. Businesses can experience improved scalability and increased collaboration among multiple locations.

Shorten the Life Cycle of an Invoice and Improve Cash Flow with AP Automation

How can AP Automation help improve cash flow? There are 7 good points, including real-time approvals, early pay discounts, and automatic data population.

The 5 Things Every IT Director Needs to Know About AP Automation

Among the various points, if managers take time to implement document management one department at a time, companies will see all documents for the business centralized.

Fix Your Broken AP Processes – Now

Using PVC industries as an example, companies can save thousands of dollars each year on labor costs alone with the numerous benefits of AP Automation.

Three Ways to Make the Most of Your ERP Investment

Three of the most critical considerations of your ERP implementation should be: choosing the right system for the job, integrating it, and communicating your needs properly.

3 Ways to Improve Profitability Now with Automated Accounts Payable ProcessingAP Automation always finds a method to increase profitability of a business.Whether if it’s by reducing procure to pay processing time, improving data management and workflow, or capturing early pay discounts, AP Automation is a worthwhile investment.