Weekly Roundup- ECM for HR, DocStar Integration with ArcGIS & the Switch to Paperless

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What HR Departments Need to Know About Enterprise Content Management

With the HR department carrying all the information of employees, past and present, using enterprise content management to securely store and retrieve sensitive data is a must-have in today’s business environment.

“Because so many people need access to private health records during the insurance enrollment and claims processes, the chances for errors in releasing confidential information increases. It’s critical to put safeguards in place, before security breaches happen. ECM prevents errors, misplaced or lost files and makes file organization and retrieval more efficient for HR staff. With ECM, all files are stored digitally in one central location.”

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Chester County Conservation District Cuts Costs and Saves Time with DocStar integration with GIS

Chester County Conservation District experienced many benefits from the integration of DocStar with ArcMap GIS and mapping software from ESRI, the world leader in GIS technology .

“The District has realized many benefits including: Retrieval time of documents from hours to seconds – saving precious time and money, Elimination of a 600 SF facility previously used to store paper documents, Archival of 400,000 pieces of paper and more than 2,000 case files, and Easy to use architecture that even non-technical staff can confidently use.

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Trending Features In Document Management

In a recent AIIM study, many businesses seem to be adopting the paperless office. Overall, 39% of businesses studied say paper usage is decreasing somewhat, with many more statistics supporting the conversion to a less paper-based office.

“The introduction of paperless processes can also have significant impact on storage and storage costs, including physical storage. Over the past year, the average amount of floor space taken up by physical files has fallen from 15.3 percent to 13.5 percent. If this is not a huge reduction, it is going in the right direction. Scanning and imaging technology is becoming easier to access so the need for physical files should in most cases disappear.”

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Anchor Brewing Company Chooses DocStar ECM AP Automation to Improve Efficiency

We welcome Anchor Brewing Company as the newest DocStar ECM user. Located in San Francisco, it is one of America’s oldest craft breweries.

“The primary focus of this project is to add efficiency, via automation, to the Accounts Payable (A/P) process to increase productivity and improve operational efficiency.”

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