Weekly Roundup – A Not-to-be-Missed AP Webinar, ECM Trends, Big Data with ERP & IT Investment Strategy

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Secrets of World-Class AP Departments: Best Practices in AP Automation

Ever wonder how World-Class AP Departments stay ahead of the competition? Join us on February 19th at 2 pm ET, when we will be hosting a 30-minute webinar with Ardent Partners about the “Secrets of World-Class AP Departments: Best Practices in AP Automation.”


Three Important Trends in ECM You Don’t Want to Miss

Enterprise Content Management software is going strong. To maximize your ECM experience, consider these emerging trends: Mobile Capture, Case Management, and Distributed Capture Using Multi-Function Printers and Copiers.

“There has never been a more exciting time to be in the business of Enterprise Content Management. The convergence of technological and cultural trends make ECM the place to be if you want to stand on the front line of business process improvement and information governance.”

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Technology for Business — Get the Big Picture

Spending on IT appears to be on the rise this year. However, before your business purchases the latest technology, you need to set up a strategy to make sure you invest in what will truly help your business.

“Companies invest in infrastructure, software and services that help them give their customers what they need when they need it. Unfortunately, most organizations apply these technological solutions within silos of business processes or segmented departments. In-between these individually automated tasks, companies rely on manual work and vigilant people carrying out many manual.”

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Data Analytics Goes Beyond Forecasting in ERP

The evolution of data analytics has helped develop other software systems, such as ERP. With ERP using big data, processes such as quality assurance and operations management can be planned more accurately and give firms more of a reason to invest in ERP software.

“Data analytics affects all modules of an ERP platform when correctly implemented, according to ERP Focus. The increase of information being pulled from various orders and reports is also compiled more efficiently than ever before. The key to this is accessibility: Rather than waiting a couple hours or days for information to be analyzed, the data is available to managers in real time at any time.”

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