Business Continuity After A Cyber Attack

cloud computing 4x6Cyber security is today’s hot topic of discussion for business owners. The looming threat of hackers, corporate espionage or mismanagement of BYOD policies by employees, haunt even the boards members of organizations across the country. And yet, in a PwC polling of 10,000 top level executives, only 45% state that their boards participate in the cyber security strategy. Clint Boulton from CIO states in an article:

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The frequency of attacks is accelerating: PwC survey respondents reported a 38 percent uptick in cyber-assaults from 2014. The result has business leaders and their boards rethinking their cybersecurity practices, including funneling $77 billion on corresponding tools and processes this year. That number will more than double to $170 billion by 2020, according to Gartner research.

Many have responded to this increase in cyber assaults by implementing cloud-based solutions to protect their information. So we ask, how will you respond? Prepare your organization for business continuity if ever you fall victim to a cyber attack. Learn more about cyber security in Clint’s article Boards are getting more involved in cybersecurity, but is it enough?