What HR Departments Need to Know About Enterprise Content Management

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The HR department is a vital part of every business and is responsible for safeguarding sensitive personnel information.

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But if you’re still using a paper-based system to collect, manage and store all of your HR-related forms, your data is not secure, and it’s costing you too much money.

Because so many people need access to private health records during the insurance enrollment and claims processes, the chances for errors in releasing confidential information increases. It’s critical to put safeguards in place, before security breaches happen.

Enter Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

ECM prevents errors, misplaced or lost files and makes file organization and retrieval more efficient for HR staff. With ECM, all files are stored digitally in one central location.

From the database, documents are securely stored and easily retrievable with each employee having their own security access. And since every interaction with a file is time and date-stamped, there is a complete record of everyone who has accessed a file.

In addition to secure files, better efficiency for your HR team and reduced paper and storage costs, another benefit to ECM is the ability to back up the files with a disaster recovery system. Disaster recovery allows you to access files even if the physical server isn’t available (think: flooding or fire).

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