Astria Solutions’ First Annual Turkey Trot

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Forget the holiday turkey. This year, we gave our team members the gift of good health (and a little extra room for seconds on Thanksgiving)!

About 12 brave souls were tough enough to do a mile run in the cold and snow. Tom, Astria’s CEO, Ray Emirzian, DocStar’s VP of Product Management and Colleen Williams-Wright, Director of Human Resources were crazy enough to make 2 rounds through the snow – and they’ve got the cold feet to prove it.

As for the rest of us (who shall remain nameless, and may or may not include me), we chose to stay inside, drink some warm hot cocoa and laugh at our co-workers when they came in wet and shivering – and they still let us keep our shirts but probably because they were embroidered with our names. Since they burned off at least several hundred calories, I’m sure they’ll get the last laugh tomorrow, when they can have the second (or third) piece of Aunt Bettie’s famous pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Astria's first annual turkey trot