Biz Apps for Managing Life in 2012

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Regardless of your occupation, you’re a manager.  Time, money, human resources – it all needs to be organized in an effective and efficient way.  Yet, many of us find ourselves engaged in a daily battle on one or more of these fronts, ultimately decreasing our productivity and increasing the intensity of our headaches.  Luckily, with technology what it is, there is a growing supply of assistance available in the form of mobile apps.  While we’ve touched on apps before, it’s best to keep updated as they are yet another piece of the ever-evolving technology pie.

If you’re in the position where you’re constantly networking, you likely collect a plethora of business cards.  By week’s end, you may very well have a full stack of contacts that need to miraculously jump from your coat pocket to your iPhone.  Enter: CardMunch.  Simply align the card in the outline on the viewfinder, snap a picture, and, like magic, you’ve instantly generated a new contact that will also provide you with the contact’s LinkedIn information.  As free apps go, this one’s a winner!

With a lengthy list of user clients including GE, Burton, HBO and NASA, it’s no wonder that AtTask is one of the most popular project management solutions available. Providing a “360-degree view of all workplace activities,” as their website describes, their new app allows for the on-the-go business person to manage tasks and progress remotely.  Extremely user-friendly, this app allows you to prioritize and respond quickly to work requests, log your work time, and keep the lines of communication open with collaborators.  While you need access to AtTask software to utilize this application, the whole package is one that nearly guarantees positive results!

Evernote allows you to simply “remember everything.”  With so many brilliant thoughts whisking through your mind throughout the day, it might be helpful to store them somewhere where they can be retrieved later for further evaluation. This app allows you to quickly generate notes, snap photos, and record verbal memos that can then be accessed at any time from your iPhone, computer or the web.  No more forgetting those million dollar ideas that came to you during a moment of preoccupation.