Disaster Recovery Is All About Being Prepared

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The unfortunate thing about a disaster is that you never know when it will happen; however, you can be prepared for one when it does. No matter where your company is located, it is impossible to guarantee that it will never be affected by physical damage; whether in the form ofsevere weather, fire or warfare. (Just think of the Russian-based companies affected by last month’s completely unforeseen meteorite impact!)

The best way to protect your company from significant down time and potentially irreversible document or content loss is by leveraging the disaster recovery preparation assets of cloud based storage. With the cloud, no matter what happens to the physical location of your establishment, you can access your documents anywhere, anytime to keep your business running and your clients happy, regardless of whether or not your physical doors are actually open.  

The effects of an unforeseen disaster really can happen to anyone. CMSWire.com, provides a more detailed example in the unfortunate story that happened to Lucky’s Trailers, located in Vermont. Like many “non-technical” companies, Lucky’s relied on old-fashion document storage at their headquarters. They understood the importance of securing sensitive corporate documents  in the cloud, but never acted on it. When hurricane Irene struck, Lucky’s, like many businesses, was left 3 ½ feet underwater. “For two weeks we were out of business,” said John Van Vught, Lucky’s financial and systems analyst. “Documents were gone — we had to pry them out of file cabinets.” There are countless stories  similar to Lucky’s and the worst part is that by simply using cloud storage for sensitive and day to day document management, they could have been up and running in a fraction of the time it actually took.

Iron Mountain published a survey citing that “68% of sampled businesses saw disaster recovery as their biggest business challenge. Only 44% successfully recovered their information after a recent event.” If you have ever had a computer crash, lost your contacts in your cellphone, or even lost your camera (without uploading all those irreplaceable memories first), you know firsthand how devastating it can be, and you kick yourself saying, “If only I had backed up my files…”

We now live in a world where digital space is limitless and we can better avoid saying, “If only…” in reference to lost documents and irreplaceable content/media. You cannot predict the future, but you can plan for it. Document management in the cloud is currently the best available option for businesses to prevent against document and content loss.  Don’t put yourself or your company in a position that may leave you underwater, and, potentially out of business. Compared to old-fashioned filing cabinets or even on-premises solutions, the cloud is essentially disaster-proof!