Harnessing The Power Of Millennials In Accounts Payable

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The digital age is upon us and businesses across the globe fight to find the best ways to take advantage of  this new landscape.

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Learn how CFOs are building world-class AP departments with automation

Enter, the Millennials. While digital communications are new to the once vast majority of employees from GenX, Millennials have now taken over the workforce with a lifetime worth of experience connected to the digital world. We take a look at the world of Accounts Payable in particular, where there is a now a push towards automation software like DocStar ECM Smart AP to make the invoice process more profitable and efficient. This is where Millennials can lend great support and we know this. But, what organizations don’t know is how to attract and retain this new talent. An article from Paystream Advisors lends insight stating that embracing a new AP brand identity, making collaboration a priority and rethinking the performance review strategy are ways to solve these issues.  Stephanie Dula, author of the article, summarizes:

As Cisco CEO John Chambers noted in a rather jolting keynote speech at Cisco Live, 40% of organizations that exist today won’t survive the next decade, mostly due to their failure to effectively harness the power of the digital movement. It’s critical that we not only meet the digital requirements of the current business environment, but be able to predict future trends and tools that will enable our survival.

Get a deeper look at how to harness the power of Millennials in the 3 Ways to Attract Millennials to Accounts Payable article from Paystream Advisors.