The lifecycle of your paper document: why paper is costing you time and productivity

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Guest blog provided by Ingrid Joffe of Recombo.
If you’re like most of us, each work day is spent trying to complete a To Do list that often spills over into the next day, and then the next. Chances are you don’t spend your spare time (if you even have any) thinking about the paper that travels through your office.

This is a common irony for many businesses looking for an edge over their competition.  People are so busy processing paper, they don’t realize that by going paperless and automating documents, they’ll save (a lot of) time and get (a lot) more work done.

We live in a modern society but are trapped by an old-fashioned modality. Paperwork.  Let’s look at how paper can flow through an office:

  1. Jennifer fills out an insurance application form for her new client Patrick
  2. Her assistant prints it up and reviews it
  3. Changes are made on the paper and the form is updated, reprinted and mailed to Patrick
  4. Days later Patrick fills out his family information, makes a few errors, signs it and mails it back to Jennifer
  5. Jennifer’s assistant reviews it, catches the errors, prints another version and mails it back to Patrick
  6. Patrick fixes his mistakes and signs the form and mails it back again
  7. The form returns to the office filled out right but missing support documentation
  8. Jennifer’s busy assistant calls Patrick and requests the missing documents that come in the mail 2 weeks later when Patrick is back from his holiday
  9. Jennifer reviews the application, signs it and sends it to her broker for review
  10. The broker notices an error in the type of insurance that Patrick is not qualified for and requests a new application with the changes. Go back to step one…

Workflow automation and digital signatures can eliminate the limitations of a paper process like data entry errors, duplicate entries of the same information, printing, shipping, storage and wet-ink signatures, which are not as secure as digital signature.

Whether you are automating your internal paper workflow or automating documents that have to travel to clients and vendors for review and signatures, a paperless process can help you complete more work in less time… and save a few trees too.

It’s time to step back and assess your workflow. Is paper helping you or holding you back?