Top 3 Business Apps

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Most every on-the-go businessperson has a smartphone with nearly limitless capabilities.  The trick is knowing which capabilities and, particularly, which apps make the most sense to keep your fast paced life inhibition free.



The company accountant will no longer be annoyed when you head out on business trips.  All of your expenses and mileage can be quickly and easily logged with this user-friendly free app. Import your expenses directly form a credit card or bank account in an easy to use spreadsheet that allows you to rename, categorize, tag and comment on expenses. Automatic receipt scanning lets you utilize your phone’s camera to scan receipts and the date and amount will instantly upload. Finally, you can instantly log your mileage and calculate your expense! In the end, you’re given one neat report that will satisfy even the most miserly accountant.  It’s available for iPhone/iPad, Android, WebOS, and Blackberry devices.

Remember the MilkYour “to do” list is too long to be maintained mentally, so don’t bother trying and let this recently renovated app do the work for you.  The online version is free, but to get the mobile app you’ll need the Pro account, which is a minimal $25/year. Categorize your to-do’s according to work, personal, and the like, add in anticipated times for execution, and you’ll get friendly reminders until you cross the action off your checklist. Each time you launch the app you’ll see total “to-do’s” for the today, tomorrow, and the entire week. This app is currently available in eight languages for iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry devices.

Sugar Sync

What if you had access to your important documents from anywhere?  With SugarSync’s free edition, you’re granted 2GB of storage and you’ll be able to upload files and photos between two computers and a mobile. You can even edit documents depending on your mobile’s capabilities!  Upgrade your account for $24.99/month and you have unlimited computer sync access, plus more storage space. There’s simply no better form of online backup, file sync and sharing service. Just check out how they rate to similar sync apps on their website and you’ll quickly learn why SugarSync is so preferred.  This app is an option for iPad/iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Blackberry devices.