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A few highlights from our favorite posts…


15 Terrible Pieces of AP Automation Advice You Should Ignore

This article goes over advice that we may have been given, but what we were told may have not been the idea to keep in mind. For example, if someone tells you to hurry up, time is running out, the author says, “Don’t get hurried to make a decision… make a good one. Also, don’t delay when the decision is clear.”

Why Your ERP Is Underperforming

Implementing an ERP strategy is no simple task if one does not plan thoroughly, which can lead to poor results. This article covers some aspects that may be hindering ERP success. “They argued that many companies needlessly implement new ERPs, often because of misguided perceptions that their current system is outdated simply because of its age.”


Design Thinking Puts the Customer Back in the Driver’s Seat: Hold On to Your BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) programs help businesses establish stronger relations with their customers, so following the best suggestions to implement a plan properly is impertinent to capitalize on success. This article covers what ought to be considered in a BPM program. “Instead of focusing on surface adoption of new customer experience methods and techniques, design thinking forces BPM teams to think about process problems from a completely different perspective. This allows teams to be more effective in their interactions with executives, line-of-business owners and stakeholders when focused on improving and optimizing for customer experience.”


4 Tech Trends That Will Dominate 2014

At the beginning of January, this article discussed different technology trends that we may see have greater impact in the New Year. With a month of 2014 over already, have you seen any of these trends start to rise in the industry? “Data continues to be a major force behind business trends in 2014… For thousands of companies across industries and sectors, the future is about taking that data to the next level.”