Weekly Roundup – 12

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For the first week of the summer, check out the final articles of the spring that we posted last week.

DocStar unveils a new home page!

Whether you’re new to DocStar or a returning visitor, check out our homepage which recently received a mini makeover last week, just in time to start off the summer!

Accelerating the digitization of business processes

With the increasing presence of digital systems in our businesses, whether they are physical systems, such as machinery, or current processes such as filing documentation digitally, more organizations continue to utilize these systems as advances are made. If you haven’t considered going digital, the results show the changes are for the better. “The benefits are huge: by digitizing information-intensive processes, costs can be cut by up to 90 percent and turnaround times improved by several orders of magnitude. Examples span multiple industries: one bank digitized its mortgage-application and decision process, cutting the cost per new mortgage by 70 percent and slashing time to preliminary approval from several days to just one minute.”

AP Automation and MS Dynamics GP: Are you covering all your bases?

In our blog post from last week, we discuss how using AP Automation and MS Dynamics GP are both excellent systems for businesses. However, when these two systems are integrated, the potential to improve your business increases substantially. “Effective AP automation systems can securely capture, process, and route your AP invoices automatically.  Invoices can be indexed and via workflow rules, matched against MS Dynamics GP vendor, PO, and receipt data.  An integration eliminates the need for double or even triple data entry. Intelligent document data capture can automatically recognize and assign vendor ID, default GL and other vendor/invoice information.”

4 Advantages of a “Best-of-Breed” ERP Environment

Take a look at the history of ERP in this article. While ERP has not existed as long as more traditional business systems, its growth and overall impact is just as powerful. Even with room to improve for the future, ERP systems for SMBs have an ROI of 22% reduction in operating costs, and 20% reduction in administrative costs. “The implementing of ERP systems often results in increased profitability. However, since their development in the ’90s, there have been some pitfalls, and the ERP systems of today are by no means immune to complications. Sometimes, more automated systems rely so heavily on the system to function that these systems become essential for the a business to stay out of panic mode.”