Weekly Roundup – 13

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Besides the official start to summer, here are a few other highlights from last week.

4 Ways Document Management Software Helps SMBs Improve Data Flow with CRM

In our most recent blog post, we discuss how Data Flow of small and Share files in the cloudmedium-sized firms can benefit from Document Management Software. “The sharing of documents across sales, marketing and customer service is a critical piece to ensuring businesses are targeting the right customers to fill the top of the sales funnel, that both sales and marketing can nurture leads effectively with the right information and timing, ultimately close the deal and maintain satisfied customers.”

Digital Automation Projects are a Tradeoff Between Control and Simplicity

This article discusses the general notion that digital automation, along with most technology in general, is either so basic that every level of an organization can understand it or it is so complex that it is essentially another language to all but a select few. Now people are looking at simplicity that takes away from features as a tradeoff from systems with many different features that take a great amount of time to master. “With cloud computing we see the advent of a Service Culture. Features are important but you don’t have to decide right now which feature you will need…The way customers buy Cloud services is not the same as the way they buy products.”

When ERP Goes to the Cloud, You Know Things Are Getting Serious

While in the past ERP and cloud technology may have been perceived as separate tools for businesses, now combined the tools create the optimal process for businesses looking to improve. It may not be a simple task, but if both systems can establish themselves in a business, they can create a powerful assist for a company’s tasks. “For small to medium-size organizations, cloud has moved beyond the consultancy’s vaunted ‘hype cycle’ and is now moving up the ‘slope of enlightenment.’ For larger enterprises, cloud ERP is on the very pinnacle of the hype cycle. In either case, it means cloud ERP is moving beyond the slick sales chatter and is entering the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-make-thing-work stage. And when you talk about anything related to ERP deployments, it’s definitely time for serious, heads-down work.”