Weekly roundup – Document management for auto dealers, DocStar is a top 20 vendor and measuring the ROI of ERP

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Fast Track Your Dealership with Document Management Software

Document management has use in every industry. This article discusses how those in the automotive industry would benefit from document management software. Storing for the past, present and future makes the life of an auto dealer much better considering all the documentation that must be filed for various customers.

“With Document Management Software, all business critical documents like repair orders and histories, customer service invoices and credit applications, warranty records and manufacturer documentation can be scanned into the electronic system then indexed, archived and stored indefinitely (and deleted in accordance with a retention schedule).  Using automated workflow documents can be routed to the right person and location automatically – ensuring timely processing of invoices, consistent notification of policies and streamlining approvals and signatures.”

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Are You a Top 20 Document Management Vendor?

Recently, Capterra released a list of the top 20 document management vendors. Do you know how they determine these vendors? This article discusses the aspects that go into Capterra’s evaluation, which declared that DocStar was number 2 on the list of document management vendors.

“Our infographics are based on a weighed and ranked popularity index we developed, which includes number of customers, number of users and metrics of social presence (like Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Klout scores, Capterra reviews, etc.). The social media numbers are collected directly from those sites, while the customer/user figures are collected from the vendors themselves.”

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How to measure the ROI of a New ERP System

What’s the biggest ROI you can get from a newly implemented ERP system? Of course, it varies based on a business’ processes, but understanding how to ROI in relation to your ERP system is more important than how much will be maximized since it teaches a business how to prepare for different ERP systems.

“In my experience, the first benefit that ERP implementation brings is the realization that a business is a joined-up set of processes and not a sequence of disparate departments. When this is understood, the concept of ERP becomes clearer and the goals and strategy start to come into focus…Whether its ERP solutions for the engineering sector, manufacturers or the distribution industry, I’ve worked with many companies where I’ve been able to highlight opportunities to save vast amounts of time through improved processes and well implemented ERP systems. If I can save 50% of ten people’s time, what is the ROI? I don’t know – the ROI depends on what you’re doing with the time saved.”

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