Weekly Roundup – New Information Governance Paradigm, Keep It Simple: Automating AP with Multiple ERPs & How Cloud-Based ERP Can Boost Business

The New Information Governance Paradigm – Guest Post

The term and notion of Information Governance is getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. Guest blogger, Kevin Craine discusses advancing information governance strategies for ECM beyond data security and risk.

“Information governance is most commonly associated with risk avoidance – things like data security, regulatory compliance and legal discovery. But a more expansive definition of information governance is emerging that has broader implications.”

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Keep It Simple: Automating AP with Multiple ERPs

The goal for any business ERP should be actionable, accurate data. If you are using multiple ERPs, you will want to ensure consistency of data entry into the ERP across the board.

“So how can a business efficiently process AP with multiple ERP systems? Fortunately, the answer is simple. By automating AP with an external system that then delivers information seamlessly into your ERP systems.”

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How Cloud-Based ERP Can Give Your Business a Boost

“Duplication of effort and a lack of integration led Unionwear to move to an ERP system. The company’s experience with Salesforce.com – plus the appeal of avoiding upgrade costs and the benefits of a regularly updated system – made cloud-based ERP a natural choice.”

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