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DocStar ECM PackageWorks

Secure, web-based case management software designed for you

Today’s organizations create document packages every day—packages such as:

  • on-boarding packages for new employees in HR
  • student records in educational institutions
  • closing documents for real estate transactions
  • document packages required for legal or accounting clients

These packages need to be complete, accurate, and delivered on time.

DocStar PackageWorks delivers streamlined, intelligent, electronic package-based workflows to improve collaboration and ensure consistent, complete document packages. In the cloud or installed on your servers, you get the same great solution—on any device.

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Eliminate uncertainty and errors around digital document packages

DocStar PackageWorks provides a single platform from which required and optional documents can be gathered, grouped, reviewed, approved, and distributed quickly and easily in a consistent and accurate process.

Integration with DocStar ECM Forms and DocStar ECM Workflow further enhances the solution by electronically capturing documents at the beginning of the process and applying individual document workflow routing and approvals as needed, while still enforcing package-level requirements.

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How case management benefits your organization

DocStar PackageWorks helps streamline the task of collecting and managing key documents as part of the case management process. Your organization benefits from a faster, easier, and more accessible document collection and management process through features designed to deliver:

  • Cost and time savings—eliminate costly and time-consuming manual document gathering and compliance guesswork
  • Better client relations—process cases faster to improve response time to client inquiries
  • Enhanced visibility and collaboration—gain centralized document and status information and create audit trails
  •  Improved planning capability—better visibility into the status of a document or package allows you to make better decisions
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Key features of DocStar PackageWorks

  • DocStar Forms and DocStar Workflow integration
  • Document package/slot definition—document requirements, document and package approval requirements, status, due dates, and more
  • Submission type definition—composition and sequence
  • Create unlimited sets of document package requirements that pre-define and guide the collection and completion of document workflows
  • Use built-in alerts and approval capabilities to create and maintain consistent processes
  • Direct items to the right users, to allow for timely action and eliminating confusion
  • Streamline case and transaction management to accomplish more—faster and more accurately
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