5 Industries That Are Making the Most of Enterprise Content Management

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If given the opportunity, what business wouldn’t want to learn how to utilize certain tools to enable an improved workflow through better use of time and smarter allocation of budget? That being said, it’s understandable that businesses across a number of industries are now employing enterprise content management (ECM), Business Process Automation (BPA) and ERP integration to increase revenue and prolong the life of their brands. Here’s a look at a few industries that have already taken the step into the efficient world of ECM via DocStar’s content management software and productivity solutions:


DocStar’s medical records management solution transforms traditional medical records  into electronic, ‘virtual’ patient files. With the ability to remotely and securely access patient files, ECM allows healthcare providers improved access to the information needed to make decisions about their patient’s care. Research by Pricewaterhousecoopers reveals that the typical worker spends about thirty minutes to two hours a day simply searching for documents. Doctors and staff now have more time for supervising patients’ care instead of wasting time merely keeping track of their charts.


Workflow technology is a critical component for this numerous fields in this industry, allowing for faster contract processing, greater visibility into Engineering Change Orders, and improved tracking of Purchase Orders and Acknowledgements. Especially relevant to manufacturing is the ability to gain greater control over Accounts Payable and, consequently, consistently take advantage of discount opportunities. Finally, don’t get caught in costly delivery discrepancies – rely on ECM systems for invoice matching and carefully tracked proof of delivery.


In an industry experiencing continual pressure to control costs while maintaining documents for extended periods of time, BPA never served a better purpose. DocStar’s ECM software brings ease to institutions by reducing labor costs and demand for physical space while increasing secure accessibility. One school district in West Chicago experienced this after switching to ECM to manage nearly 800,000 pages that had been on file since 1920. Amanda Christ, a Management Information Systems assistant for the district explains, “Whenever the teachers need something fast, we can always find it for them. We retrieve the file, convert it to a PDF and e-mail it to them in a few minutes’ time.”

Insurance, Banking and Mortgage

Due to the systematic nature of financial services, companies operating with document management software can experience a competitive advantage over contenders. Unlike the standard organization, which misfiles approximately 7.5% of all its documents, companies utilizing BPA can transform a normally paper intensive processes – like prepping a credit application with supporting financial documents, completing mortgage disclosure documents or filing insurance claims – that are prone to human error into a streamlined, automated process, all while ensuring improved compliance.


DocStar’s legal document management system allows users to securely scan and store Federal or State case files and other important documents with the flexibility of easy access and emailing. Improve overall operational efficiency, while once again, reducing labor costs and the demand for physical storage space. As one eastern Tennessee company found, it’s much easier to scan about 9,000 different files each month for future reference in the DocStar system than trying to navigate through the 2,500 square feet of file cabinets that once housed their legal files.  Sweetwater Valley Title Company’s CEO further exemplifies the ease of ECM by simply stating, “We now use a computer and check the screen instead of opening a file cabinet and looking through 50 index cards”