Weekly Roundup – Best of 2014, Replacing Your ERP & Cloud Accounting in 2015

The 14 Best Articles for 2014 on ECM, Document Management, AP Automation & Much More

For the end of ’14, we covered our 14 best articles. Ranging from the topics of AP Automation to ERP to Document Management, take some time and find your favorites from the year.

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Deciding When to Replace ERP Is Complicated

When technology becomes outdated we generally replace it. However, ERP software is complicated. The software itself may not be outdated, but as the business grows, a different type of ERP system may be needed to facilitate expansion, such as a cloud-based ERP system. The decision to make the change, though, is certainly not straightforward.

“A common scenario for a company to replace its ERP system is because the business has outgrown (or will soon outgrow) its capacity to handle transaction volumes. Replacement also becomes necessary when the system no long meets business requirements, as, for example, when it is too difficult to configure to specific requirements.”

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5 Technologies That Will Blow Up My Business (And Yours) In 2015

Looking at the technology trends for 2015, a few are likely to catch your eye. With more small and medium businesses understanding the benefits of cloud solutions and $1.7 billion in growth for 2014, this technology is looking to continue progress forward.

“Most small and mid-market companies now understand the benefits of the cloud and realize that a cloud providers’ security, though nowhere near ironclad, is still better than their own. Like it or not, your accounting software vendor will drag you kicking and screaming there.”

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