Weekly Roundup- Business Continuity Management, Software Implementation, & ECM for the Healthcare Industry

Tis’ the Season: What Security Breaches Can Teach Us About Protecting Data

In this blog post, we discuss the importance of protecting data from security breaches. If your company is subject to a data breach, its reputation can be damaged, as well its finances. In order to prevent the security breaches, among other extra benefits, Business Continuity Management can come to your aid.

“Having the proper tools in place to protect your own internal and customer data via a business continuity management (BCM) plan can not only help prevent a breach, it can also reduce the costs associated with a breach. Implementing policies and procedures that can help keep the most important pieces of your business running, ensuring your employees know how to access their documents and applications are critical components to a full business continuity plan.”

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How to Successfully Fast Track a Software Implementation Before 2015

Whether you’re looking to implement a document management system or utilize AP Automation software, there are five key steps to get it started on the path to success: Authorize, Prioritize, Organize, Customize and Incentivize.

“Develop an interdisciplinary team to represent those working with the software on a day-to-day basis and empower them to make decisions about its implementation, use and deployment. In addition, have the team research cloud-based and traditional on-site software systems to see what the ideal fit is with your current technology and short/long-term technology budgets and goals.”

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What Enterprise Content Management Can Do for the Healthcare Industry

With the need to access customers’ health records and comply with HIPAA regulations involving privacy, ECM is a necessity in today healthcare industry.

“ECM does more than store documents. For instance, medical staff can securely access a patient’s record electronically from a physician’s office across the country, view the desired information and make fast, educated decisions about patient care – all at the click of a button.”

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Professional Services Specialist and HelpDesk Technician Positions Available

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