Weekly Roundup- Document Management for 2015, AP Automation for Healthcare & ERP with BYOD

Refine Your Document Management Systems (DMS) and Improve Company Performance By Q1 2015

In a recent blog article, we discussed why implementing or improving upon a document management system should be considered for 2015 to increase efficiency, improve scalability, and a realize a solid ROI.

“Whatever the case, there is a better way to improve your company performance across all departments – reducing costs, increasing efficiency and enhancing internal communications – and with a system that can be up and running almost as fast as you can say ‘Happy New Year!’”

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Keep the Healthcare Industry Healthy with AP Automation

With paper-based processes holding back many healthcare companies from attaining peak productivity, tasks such as processing invoices take needless extra steps with employees sorting through piles of paper.

“With automated AP workflows, invoices and related documents are quickly and securely routed through the software, allowing payments to be completed in a matter of hours rather than weeks – helping you avoid late payment fees (and duplicate payments) and earning more early payment discounts.”

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What BYOD does for ERP

The corporate culture of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is strong in today’s company. What does the future hold for Enterprise Resource Planning? Developing an ERP app may increase usability by employees since the system will always be with them on their mobile devices.

“Through a combination of data virtualization and mobile applications, BYOD become possible in ERP software. Given that, according to ERP Shortlist, 60 percent of all employees had some access to corporate data outside the office, there is significant evidence that businesses stand to gain from having mobile apps for their ERP solutions.”

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Nazdar Streamlines HR On-Boarding with DocStar Document Management Software

DocStar customer, Nazdar obtained significant productivity increases by streamlining their Human Resources on-boarding process with DocStar.

“With the implementation of DocStar in their HR department, Nazdar has been able to streamline the on-boarding process, improve security and compliance, and now has fast and flexible data management.”

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