Weekly Roundup – DocStar Customer Success, Automating AP with Multiple ERPs & Growth of the Cloud

Capital Cardiology Associates Finds Success with DocStar & SAGE Integration

Want to see some of the results for integrating document management software with SAGE ERP solution? Capital Cardiology Associates integrated DocStar document management software with Sage ERP, and Sage MAS 90 accounting software with DocStar ECM Smart AP Automation.

“’We were able to obtain a 2% quick pay discount on one of our larger medical supply vendors,’ Johnson relayed, detailing that this is one of the largest accounts payable they have. As these savings trickle through more invoices, large and small, CCA will continuously improve their vendor relationships and their bottom line.”

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Keep it Simple: Automating AP with Multiple ERPs

ERP systems and AP Automation go hand-in-hand. However, running separate ERP systems to work with AP processing may give your business too much to handle. But if you automated your AP information in one system, you’d have all the information in one centralized workflow.

“By consolidating invoice handling into one system, you reduce the risk of invoices being lost, entered twice, or not at all. You also benefit from greater insight into invoice management via reports and analysis of your data. What’s missing? What’s late? Who is responsible? All you have to do is log on. Now that you have all of your AP documents in one system, you ensure data integrity and streamlined management with centralized workflow. All documents can be reviewed from anywhere via a secure interface that provides one location for invoice routing and approvals.”

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IT Operational Spending to Grow Modestly

IT departments are expected to grow by around 3% in terms of budget and staff next year. Part of this growth is due to businesses finding transformative value in various technical systems, namely cloud computing.

“’The outlook for 2015 is mostly positive,’ the study concludes. ‘There are innovations in mobility, business intelligence, and cloud computing that are enabling businesses to derive transformational value from their IT investments.’”

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2014 GPUG Summit Flikr Photo Album

Finally, check out some excellent photos taken at GPUG Summit 2014. We had a great time and are already looking forward to next year!