Weekly Roundup – DocStar Customers Experience Success

Gem Young Insurance Improves Customer Retention DocStar Document Management

Learn the story of how Gem Young Insurance solved its paper problem with DocStar Document Management software. Besides eliminating the burden of shuffling through paper files, Gem Young was able to integrate DocStar with Applied Systems TAM to get information to customers fast.

Leo Daprile, President of Gem Young Insurance, said “DocStar feels like a natural extension of TAM. The integration of DocStar helped maximize efficiency since not only could employees easily find information for customers, but when tasks were handed off between workers, employees could pick up one project from where another one left off.”

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Clearwater Underwriters Improves Customer Service & Reduces Paper with DocStar Document Management Software

Clearwater Underwriters is another business that experienced great success by implementing DocStar ECM software. Clearwater Underwriters saved money previously spent on storing paper and postage after the DocStar implementation and is able to better service customers when they request information.

Because of the success Clearwater found with DocStar, they are considering further automating and streamlining processes in other areas of the business, taking a step toward becoming a more paperless company.

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