Weekly Roundup – Value of ECM, Fundraisers Using ECM, & Accurate Big Data

Understanding the Value of ECM – Three Reasons Why You Need It Now

Enterprise Content Management has many tools to help businesses with processes that were formerly paper-based. However, even with companies that have implemented ECM software, there are many aspects of it that are not being utilized to their fullest extent.

“In a recent study, AIIM conducted a survey of 385 companies and found that while most of the organizations participating (90%) had imaging systems in place, only half employ any kind of text recognition technology. And although 40% indicated that their inbound forms contain free form and handwritten data fields, very few are attempting to capture this information, either deferring it to manual keying or ignoring it outright.”

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Benefits of Productivity Tools for Fundraising-Guest Post

Setting up a fundraising event is no easy task. Using ECM software to help set up and run the event can relieve some of the stress and improve the event itself. ECM can help by streamlining the event, automating processes of the event, such as registration, reducing costs, and improving ROI.

“To create an effective fundraiser, you need good tools. Event management software can be the catalyst for turning an adequate fundraiser into an event to remember. By streamlining the logistics, you can reduce your costs, create an enjoyable atmosphere for your guests and generate more revenue for your cause.”

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Can You Trust Your Big Data?

With all the tools to access big data, it’s easy for companies to find the right information they need to strategize within the company. However, with so much information made accessible by BI and ECM , it’s also easier to find the wrong information and use it without confirming how accurate it is.

“Incomplete data are a common problem, particularly with key performance measures. Redman cites an example of when a company decides to expedite a multi-step process, but queue time — the time spent between steps — is not measured, making the recalculation of the entire process difficult.”

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