Addicted to Risk: Jeff Frankel on Upstate Venture Connect

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Jeff Frankel, Vice President of Marketing at DocStar, a software company specializing in enterprise content Jeff Frankel management and accounts payable automation solutions, discusses his career as an entrepreneur in an article by Upstate Venture Connect. Jeff attributes his success to his colleagues and stresses that he has always surrounded himself with smart people. He states that “the end result is a group of team plays who are consistently on the same page.”

Jeff believes that building a brand using social media is critical to the success of a company. Traditional media methods are not a viable option for small to midsize businesses as it is only the largest corporations that get recognized on platforms like Forbes Magazine. Jeff also maintains that building positive working relationships is a key component for any successful entrepreneur.

A native of Schenectady, he has had started and managed a range of companies:

  • Authentidate Holdings Corp
  • Med-Flash
  • Health Focus NY
  • EFS Healthcare Group
  • PROS of Stratford
  • Ernst & Young
  • DocStar

Read the entire article on Upstate Venture Connect’s website.