Weekly Roundup – Preventing AP Automation Disaster & Including Automation in Your Innovation Goals

Prevent AP Automation Disaster with the Right Strategy & Planning

In our blog, we discuss three main steps of planning AP Automation implementation – Communication, collaboration and calculation.

“Whether it’s educating your team on a new product upgrade, illustrating a helpful workaround or sharing an industry best practice – look for vendors who continually engage their customers. Find out if a potential vendor can help you comply with the particular rules and regulations in your industry, and what the disaster recovery plan is (think ‘lifeboats’).”

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Why Your Company’s Innovation Goals Should Include Automating Your Invoice Processing

In this blog post written for the IT Director, we discuss how businesses can go above and beyond what is already being done with AP Automation. AP automation can lead to much more than just reduced time on processing invoices, such as increased visibility into the AP process.

“By automating invoice routing and approvals, payments, and streamlining communication, businesses can shorten cycle times and take advantage of early pay incentive and discounts. Taking it a step further and integrating with an ERP system, companies can gain greater efficiency and insight into their business by reducing manual data entry and gaining swift access to relevant, precise and actionable financial information.”

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