3 Things You Need to Know About Automating Your Business Processes in 2014

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business process automation

Three is the magic number – yes it is. Exploring areas in your business to automate is the first step towards increased efficiency and a reduction in costly paper processes. Here are the top 3 things you can do to get started today.

Identify efficiency roadblocks

What are the top processes in your business that drive you and your employees crazy?

  • Manually processing invoices?
  • Trying to get content or data in real-time to support your customer service reps’ interaction with your clients?
  • Retrieving documents or content from multiple offsite locations?  

Or something as simple as making sure your executives are working from the same data?  Whatever your weak spots, these activities are almost certainly causing frustration and leaking time that can be better spent on growing your business.

Make a wish list

Evaluate each department and prioritize your workflow changes. Maybe accounting needs streamlined reporting. Your IT department needs a more efficient way to automate technology requests. Customer service needs instant access to state or nationwide customer data. Your sales team needs up to the minute product and pricing information.

Ensuring your enterprise is aligned from sales to the back office, customers to suppliers, and CEO to intern should be at the top of the list. Once you take the time to clarify your business processes, you can then identify those that are antiquated or just plain useless to your organization.

Look at areas that need automation – whether migrating paper to a database, generating meaningful reports, or creating automatic workflow and approval processes. Focus on areas where saving time or eliminating costs makes sense.

Find the right partner

Researching the best business process automation products and services can take time, but finding a partner that understands your business requirements is critical to your success. Effective and fruitful implementations should begin with all stakeholders mapping out changes together and identifying the top objectives.

By aligning your goals with your revised business processes, you can stay on track and not get overwhelmed. You can then measure your results in a meaningful way – saving time, reducing costs or enabling employees to better utilize their talents.

Business process automation will alleviate many of the inefficiencies you face today – but only if you take the first step. Automating your business processes is easy with smart automation experts like DocStar on your side. What are you waiting for?

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