Bacon, Eggs and AP Automation

It’s noon and the sweet, sweet smell of bacon fills the office air. Everyone is smiling… even the vegans. Your boss is giving out high-fives like it’s the third Thursday of April (national high five day, mark it down). One of the IT guys misses and recovers with what seems like the coolest thumbs up ever thrown in history. Today is a good day. Why? Today, the Accounts Payable department gets to pick lunch!

AP executive brief

Find out the secrets of world class AP depts in this brief!

You’ve spent the last few quarters watching, reading, analyzing – big data, cloud computing, accounts payable automation. There’s something there, but what? Then it hits you while reading an article on entitled Bring Home the Bacon: 2016 Trends in Accounts Payable Automation

“As more businesses utilize software tools like AP Automation, ECM and ERP, the availability of data is helping executives gain insight, improve performance, identify growth trends and manage mistakes. Being a data-driven organization means setting goals and consistently utilizing real-time knowledge to inform and innovate.”

Themes of transparency and accessibility sweep over you. It all begins to make sense.

“An impressive 81 percent of businesses surveyed believe that in the future “industry boundaries will dramatically blur as platforms reshape industries into interconnected ecosystems. Huge efficiencies can and will be gained as businesses continue to master digital technologies internally.”

The ever changing temperament of technology effects how businesses perform and being able to keep up has got you a place at the table. Fat wallets make for full bellies, so feast and be merry… that bacon isn’t gonna eat itself.

Are you looking to bring home the bacon? Read the full article here