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Relay Racing and AP: Winning Teams Excel in the Art of the Exchange

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Microsoft Dynamics users are a large and growing part of the DocStar user base – and with good reason. The Dynamics/DocStar combination drives enhanced value and return on investment by automating and streamlining mission-critical processes with tight integration to your Dynamics platform. Via this seamless integration, there’s a smooth hand-off of information.

This smooth hand-off got us thinking about the art of the exchange. In a relay race, it’s essential to pass the baton to the next runner as seamlessly and as efficiently as possible. A poorly executed exchange can cost a team the race and, in some circumstances, an entire meet.

The same can be said of the exchanges that must occur – on a daily basis – sometimes hundreds of times a week – in the Accounts Payable world.

Today the AP sector is plagued by a lot of missed hand-offs due to a lack of AP digitization and automation. Industry analyst firm Aberdeen Group in its AP/AR Benchmark Survey sheds light on the top challenges organizations face in AP:

  • Lack of real-time availability of data
  • Inability to process high volumes at current staff levels
  • Difficulty locating/managing paper-based documents

Even if you’ve got great AP talent on your team, you can’t go the distance and win the race if you’re dropping batons along the way.

When used together, Dynamics and DocStar streamline the day-to-day mission-critical hand-offs to transform AP operations by extracting data from printed/typed documents, resulting in expedited, accurate and easily accessible information. Automation yields process efficiencies that speed turn around and ease the pressure on staffing levels, enabling AP departments to handle greater volume and save money.

Don’t take our word for it, check out some of the exceptional results DocStar/Dynamics customers have achieved:

  • Frozen food manufacturer BlueRidge Foods – reduced transaction time from 2 to 3 hours to 5 minutes.
  • Forrestry equipment manufacturer Wood-Mizer – eliminated 8-16 hours a week of filing.
  • Beverage distributor Crescent Crown – nixed manual processing to save 250 hours of labor a year.

Want to hear about these great results? Watch the Customer Testimonial video and hear how our customers achieved these great results – and more.