Camden the ‘Invincible’: From Disaster to Recovery

City of Camden


Camden, New Jersey, once recognized by Walt Whitman as America’s ‘invincible’ city, has more recently been noted as the archetype of American failure. From the fall of Fort Nassau to ABSCAM to the exodus of industry, Camden’s stagnation and economic shortcomings plagued its streets. But today, Whitman’s poem, I Dreamd’d a Dream, represents a deeper sentiment that ferries the city towards recovery.


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Over the last decade, Camden has been undergoing a period of revitalization. Support from government entities has enabled the city to cultivate a comprehensive redevelopment strategy. With nearly 100,000 citizens, 9 municipal departments and an abundance of local organizations, Camden finds itself in the midst of a transformation with limited resources and a limited budget.

The city discovered a major issue in streamlining workflow and document management between organizations. And true to form, Camden responded with the ingenuity that one expects from a city deemed ‘invincible’. Camden found resolution with the implementation of a fully networked and fully integrated ECM system with DocStar.

Camden has achieved so much success that it has recently become one of the first to add a shared services component, by which 10 other municipalities now link to the city’s network to form The Southern Jersey Shared Services Coalition (SJSSC), which serves the needs of nearly 200,000 residents across an area of more than 400 square miles. Each member obtained their own DocStar system, linking theirs with that of Camden’s to take advantage of the city’s extensive disaster recovery/data support as well as its broad knowledge and expertise on both records management and document management software.

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Through its struggles, Camden has emerged as a leader within its territory and serves as an example for its state, and its people. Seemingly, the city too dream’d a dream and has made tremendous strides towards making those dreams a reality with a bit of moxie and first-class support from DocStar.