Forget the Curveball, Give ‘Em the Heater: Cleveland Calls Document Management Out of the Bullpen

877201Cleveland, city of light, city of magic (Lebron James) and yes, city of the Cleveland Indians. The “sons of Geronimo” have led a storied past consisting of two World Series Championships, five American League Pennants, seven Central Division titles and one awesome movie. Though more recently, they have been celebrating a different kind of victory.

It’s no surprise that running a professional sports team takes both time and money. It is also no surprise that these organizations look for

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every possible opportunity that will give them more of both. Enter, DocStar. The Cleveland Indians found that they had an excessive problem in their HR and Accounting departments. The amount of space it took to house hundreds of thousands of documents and the amount of time it took to manage and use these documents, started to become a detriment to the organization. They soon found an answer to these problems with the implementation of a document management system.

Call it the spirit of Jobu or the beat of the Wild Thing, the Cleveland Indians have had a comeback season with the help of DocStar.

“For us, the clinchers for choosing DocStar were ease of use, turnkey capability and excellent security features” said the team’s IT Director, who went on to say, “I love it because it works and doesn’t cause me any grief! Every department should have it.”

From world-class history to world-class workflow, the Cleveland Indians and DocStar make for a great team. So we ask, how can we help get you to the big leagues? Check out the full customer success story or take a swing at our DocStar ECM 101 demo!