Content Management Technology Value Matrix – DocStar is a Leader

Nucleus Research: Leader in 2020 Value MatrixThe latest Content Management Technology Value Matrix from Nucleus Research ranks 17 content management solutions along functionality and usability.  Solutions with lower usability and lower functionality fall into the “core provider” quadrant on the matrix.  Those with lower functionality but greater usability are in the “facilitator” quadrant.  Solutions with better functionality but lower usability land in the “expert” section on the matrix.  Lastly, solutions that present better functionality and greater usability are “leaders.”  Nucleus Research reports DocStar is a leader on the Content Management Technology Value Matrix.

This year’s Content Management Technology Value Matrix focuses on straightforward integrations with core business applications and scalability as value drivers.  The Nucleus Research report cites the Covid-19 pandemic driving the need for greater functionality and ease of use.  According to Nucleus, companies and organizations looking at content management solutions are basing their selection decisions on integration with core business processes, security and records management, flexible deployment models and an automated taxonomy.

Integration with Core Business Processes

DocStar ECM empowers users with out-of-the-box business process automation for document management, HR automation, AP automation and sales-order automation, and lets users easily build their own processes and workflows using a graphical canvas.  For example, DocStar ECM captures and automatically processes AP invoices from multiple inbound sources, including existing document scanners or multifunction copiers. Invoices are automatically routed for two-way and three-way matching workflows and approvals.

DocStar ECM allows users to:

  • Create custom rules to process and route content for approval
  • Distribute items automatically based on business conditions
  • Receive real-time notification of workflow alerts and information
  • Monitor progress through the workflow dashboard
  • Complement existing business applications and technologies; DocStar ECM is ERP-agnostic and common integrations include:
    • Microsoft® Dynamics®
    • Sage® ERP
    • Epicor® ERP 10
    • Epicor Prophet 21®
    • Karmak
    • SAP®
    • Oracle®
    • Esri ArcGIS
    • Salesforce

Security and Records Management

Another key selection criterion cited by Nucleus Research in its Content Management Technology Value Matrix is security and records management.  DocStar ECM offers granular permission settings in documents, inboxes, folders, workflows, and retention policies that meet or exceed compliance requirements. A unique feature in DocStar ECM, ValiDate verifies document integrity for all new documents added to the repository. When a document is added, an encrypted hash code is generated, like a “digital fingerprint” stamped with the contents and date and time of entry into the system. ValiDate ensures documents are tamper-proof and valid by evaluating and displaying a green or red stamp each time the document is viewed.

While secure, DocStar ECM also supports collaboration, allowing files to be easily and securely shared.  With Audit Trail, users instantly know every time someone has viewed or changed any document. DocStar ECM reports who performed the action, when it was done and what was done— instantaneously—reducing exposure to risk and giving businesses or organizations the tools to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Flexible Deployment Models

According to Nucleus Research, users are looking for flexible deployment models.  DocStar ECM can be deployed on-premises/private cloud or in the cloud.  When deployed as a SaaS or hosted service, users can enjoy the benefits of very low overhead and minimal startup investment, easy access via a Web browser and the security of a redundant, disaster-proof data center. There is no specialized hardware to manage and there is no up-front capital investment. Although designed using robust enterprise architecture, DocStar ECM is flexible and affordable to meet the needs of a small office or enterprise environments.   DocStar uses a secure, state-of-the-art Data Center with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that utilizes best practices for backup, maintenance and upgrades to ensure maximum performance and availability of business-critical documents.

Automated Taxonomy

Retrieval has never been easier with powerful context search in in DocStar ECM.

  • Automatically perform commonly used searches (text, field, annotation and name) from a Google-style toolbar
  • Use simplified auto-complete or structured Boolean search
  • Search the contents of the entire repository in seconds
  • Using “Fuzzy” searches easily locate documents that sound similar

If you would like more information about the latest Content Management Technology Value Matrix from Nucleus Research, as well as a complete copy of the full report, let us know.  We’re happy to share the DocStar story and proud to be a recognized leader in enterprise content management.