The Power of Customer Testimonials

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Customer Testimonials: Client success is the goal of every solution.

I’m often asked by people new to insurance technology how to best promote or market automation technologies, such as document management software, to insurance agents. My first word of advice is to truly understand your customer, how they will use the technology and develop a real connection with their business. Before making the call on an agent to sell my first computer, I learned the meaning of the words ‘Binder,’ ‘Certificate,’ ‘Book of Business,’ and ‘ACORD Form.’ It was amazing to me how differently (and well) my prospective customers treated me when they knew I was trying to learn about their business.

Beyond that, I found that spending time to actually see how our customers use our content management system (and relaying that to my prospects) was one of the most powerful tools in my arsenal. The impact of what we do for our clients speaks much more credibly and powerfully than almost anything I can say about how wonderful it is. I try to capture their successes in my presentations, and to connect agents who need our products with those who now use it – either with a quote, a letter, a visit, a phone call, or with a recorded presentation.

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