DocStar’s “Staycation” Featured on The Hiring Site Blog by Careerbuilder

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In 2013, DocStar was named Best Places to Work by Albany Business Review, an honor we take very seriously.

Recently, The Hiring Site Blog (by Careerbuilder) featured DocStar alongside companies like Virgin Airlines, Google and Emma who offer unusual vacation policies and benefits to their employees. DocStar makes it a point to reward employees with not only great pay and benefits but extra things that make it a fantastic place to come to work everyday, too.

In September, DocStar brought in Claire Hanley (or as we like to call her, Fantastic Hands) of Therapeutic Body Works. Claire gave us all chair massages to work out the strains and stress of providing our customers with the best service possible. See the photos on our blog.

We were really excited to see our company noted for its commitment to our employees. In addition to in-house massages, we regularly cater lunches, coordinate company-wide wiffle ball games and recognize employees who provide a WOW experience to both our customers and their peers. Who says that work has to be all work and no fun?

VP & Principal Jeff Frankel hitting a grand slam.

VP & Principal Jeff Frankel hitting a grand slam.

Here’s an excerpt from the article on The Hiring Site Blog’s post.

“New York-based software company DocStar recently treated its employees to a “staycation,” offering in-house chair massages to reward employees for “providing a ‘fantastic experience’ to our customers!” By that mentality, companies like Google, social networking company Tagged and technology firm Palantir, where in-house massages are a standard employee perk, could also say they offer staycations.”