Hospice of Marion County Focuses on Patient Care with DocStar Document Management

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ECM Allows Hospice of Marion County to Provide Better Patient-Based CareHospice Marion County success story ECM

The Hospice of Marion County began in the early 1980s. They currently have four hospice houses as well as thrift stores and volunteer programs. Their headquarters are located in Ocala, FL.

The Hospice’s recent growth has led to stacks of document boxes, mostly filled with invoices, in the finance department. The mass of paper files make audits “painful,” says Holly Shepardson, IT Security Officer at the Hospice of Marion County. The existing storage was inefficient and made the all forms of handling paper extremely difficult.

The Hospice chose DocStar ECM to meets its digital content management needs.  Before deciding on the DocStar solution, Hospice of Marion County looked at several of their competitors. Originally, they considered Onbase as they had used them in the past but found they didn’t meet their needs. They also considered PaperSave and Altec and found that while they could integrate with Microsoft Analytics GP they were not compatible to assist with an expansion to other departments.

Shepardson chose DocStar after speaking to customer references and found that they could meet all her needs. “I liked that their tech support is USA-based,” she commented.

Shepardson was pleased with the implementation. “DocStar delivered what they promised and were proactive about getting the right people involved when needed,” said Shepardson. “They didn’t leave us hanging, that was the best part about working with the DocStar team.”

Shepardson said she would “definitely do it again.” DocStar ECM empowers the approvers. “When everything is on paper you have to interrupt the staff” she added, “but not with DocStar.”

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