What to Consider When Buying a Document Management System: Part I

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Whether a small business or an international banking corporation, consideration for implementing a document management system is undeniably warranted. However making the leap to determine exactly which system, of the myriad available, is optimal for your needs can be complex and a bit boggling.  Below are just a few of the basic features you should consider before committing to such an important expenditure.


Every document management system, including DocStar, allows users to tap into certain features, while disregarding features inapplicable to your industry.  However, it’s important to pinpoint exactly what management goals you want to accomplish by implementing the software and confirm with the software company that your goals are aligned with the system’s capabilities.  For example, is it compatible with your line of business software and does it allow you to access the system remotely?


The purpose of document management systems is to make file management a seamless, reliable process.  As such, it’s critical that the system your firm is implementing is easily maneuverable and logical, or will become so after very minimal training.


The system should allow you to secure your documents in the repository through one of a variety of methods.  Likewise, you will want a system that allows for numerous, specific levels of security and privacy; rules ranging from those for the entire system to those for specific documents.  A protected system does not simply rely on Windows security capabilities alone.

The above are only the most basic in a rather lengthy checklist of points of interest worth investigating before purchasing a document management system.  In Part II, we’ll consider some of the more fine-tuned aspects that you mustn’t overlook, so stay tuned!