What to Consider When Purchasing a Document Management System: Part III

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In the prior two articles of “What to Consider,” we discussed some of the fundamental needs a company should address when evaluating a document management system.  Below, we outline a few final suggestions pertaining to your firm’s hardware before prompting you to begin the search.

Hardware Features:  In Part II, we outlined the possibility of using an in-house server system over a Cloud or SaaS solution.  Should your firm choose this route, it is necessary to have a server that has substantial capacity and security for your document management software.  The first step is to discuss server needs with your document management vendor including processor speed, RAM, and hard drive space.  Then relate this information to your IT staff, who will be able to determine where to procure the appropriate hardware – either from the vendor directly or a third-party hardware provider.

Furthermore, if your company intends on creating digital copies of the paper documents they already possess (which they should), then it is critical to acquire an appropriate document imaging scanner.  You may already possess a sufficient scanner in-house, as a majority of modern copiers include this capability. However, should you want to upgrade to a scanner that has, for instance, automatic document feed, we suggest discussing the market options with your vendor, who will be able to provide important advice regarding various brands and models and, potentially, a purchasing opportunity.

All of the aspects we’ve outlined about implementing document management have been articulated to provide you a better understanding not only of what to look for, but also of how beneficial such software can be.  In following these basic guidelines, you are one step closer to making a sound, cost-effective decision for your company.