The Case for Updating Your Document Management System

Document Management System Updating  – Penn Foster, founded in 1890, is a career-focused online and hybrid education institution. Although it is headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania, it also has two satellite locations. With more than 133,000 active students between the headquarters and the other sites, Penn Foster has heavy documentation requirements on an annual basis.

The school’s existing system for processing documents did not offer the capabilities needed for the number of documents the school was managing. They were able to scan documents, store them, and then retrieve them in an electronic format. However, the organization needed to do much more with their content than merely scanning. They needed to be able to collaborate, annotate and track documents so that workflows could be automated and processing time could be reduced.

What Penn Foster found with DocStar was the perfect solution. The ability to move documents between parties and take notes without actually changing the document itself was especially attractive, as was the potential for improved workflow.

The positive impact of implementing DocStar Document Management Software spanned across various school functions including Customer Service, Human Resources, and Student Services. Additionally, the school found itself with improved security and compliance around their document management.

Learn more about how Penn Foster overcame the issues and challenges of document management and improved its ability fulfill its mission.