Finding Efficient Processes for Healthcare Organizations

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Efficiency in healthcare, while often thought of as getting medical help to patients quickly, also involves increasing administrative transparency and reducing clerical error and delays. And one area that healthcare organizations often overlook is the management of the Accounts Payable (AP) process.

DRA Imaging, Inc. (DRA), a full service medical diagnostic imaging facility in practice for more than 30 years, realized that they had to change their labor-intensive AP process to reduce human error and delays.  With challenges of limited staffing, obtaining documentation from multiple locations, a multi-level approval process, and the need to provide timely financial information, it was time to look at automation.

With two FTEs processing approximately 12,000 AP invoices annually, DRA knew that by increasing their efficiency they would lower overhead, improve cash flow, and provide greater transparency of information to other departments.

Once deciding upon DocStar DocStar ECM AP Automation, because of its integration capability with their Sage ERP system, invoice capture was automated. Additionally the integration with the ERP system allowed the consultant to fully understand, advise, implement and configure the sophisticated tax calculations and verification required to dramatically reduce the amount of time required to process their invoices.

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Invoices are now routed to an approval workflow that is accessible to all approvers wherever they are via a simple browser and internet access. Additionally, with the DocStar ECM AP Automation solution, DRA can now automatically report on their invoices by month on an automatic scheduled basis, substantially reducing the time it previously took to aggregate all the invoices, sort them, and enter them into MS Excel to submit their tax credit reports.

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