Electronic Signatures Make Business, and Life, Easier

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Technology headlines have been abuzz with electronic signatures, a faster, more controlled alternative to the traditional pen-and-ink version. DocuSign®, a global company already responsible for more than ten million business users, recently announced the release of DocuSign Ink, which is, according to the company, the world’s first personal electronic signature.  Some are wondering, “haven’t we had electronic signatures for a while?” The answer is yes and no.

Unlike previous electronic signature software, DocuSign Ink will be available to all individuals, not strictly businesses, allowing the everyday consumer to safely and securely drag and drop their legally binding signatures and initials into documents.  No more annoying costs and frustrations with printing, scanning, faxing, and overnighting traditionally signed documents. Furthermore, the software allows for users to insert text and check boxes to complete their paperwork which can then be returned via email. The DocuSign Ink app functions with the Android, iPhone and iPad.

What’s more, a recent court case in Arkansas between insurance provider Geico and an insurance client reaffirmed the strength of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. It, in conjunction with the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, have upheld that statute that electronic signatures are just as valid and legally binding as their physical counterpart for more than ten years.  So, whether completed with a click-to-sign e-signature or an electronically generated John Hancock, there is undisputable legal weight of all signed contracts.

For those small and large businesses alike that are still employing carbon paper for customer signatures, the excuses are dwindling.  User responses suggest that most electronic signature software, including DocuSign Ink, is easy to use, with a minimal learning curve. Leveraging technology like DocuSign Ink will not only keep more boxes of documents from piling up inside the storage room, but will increase productivity and efficiency, save time and minimize your carbon footprint!