Elevate Your Healthcare Practice with an Integrated Document Management Strategy


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Jeff Frankel
 Vice President of Marketing and Principal at DocStar, recently discussed one of the best ways healthcare practices can improve operational effectiveness. By using enterprise content management (ECM) to centralize all of the disparate data and documentation in a practice environment a healthcare organizations can seamlessly share information across departments and reinforce best practices in every department from Human Resources to Accounts Payable.

He offers five ways five ways a content management system can increase efficiency, improve security, and help boost your bottom line including reduction in data duplication and errors, HIPAA compliance in all departments, streamlined accounts payable, improved vendor relationships, and streamlined audit process.

The bottom line is that across the enterprise, every aspect of a healthcare practice can benefit from a content management system. And with new technologies practices can decide where to manage their data – whether on premises, in the cloud where there is minimal upfront investment and almost no IT burden, or as a hybrid solution. Finally, it does not matter the size of the practice, automation is beneficial and particularly useful for those who have multiple geographic locations.

The full article was originally posted on Technology Advice on April 21, 2015.