The Evolution of Content Management for Human Resources

6 Ways Document Management Solutions Improve HCM at SMBs

document management for HRIt is a common misconception that Document Management Software (DMS) is accessible only to big businesses. However, with today’s flexible, scalable solutions, this is not the case! DMS is now affordable and practical for small and medium size businesses. And with cloud document management, it’s becoming the choice of businesses looking to cut costs through reduced IT and hardware cost, improved business efficiencies, and lowered operating costs like paper and printer-related expenses and storage.

Electronic document management software solutions were developed to eliminate the mountains of paperwork that accumulated throughout a business’s lifetime. The paper documents used to demand large file cabinets but now all that space can be saved by turning those paper documents into electronic forms.

Early DMS systems were designed for companies that had to manage millions of documents on high capacity servers that were integrated within their network. The upfront costs for software licensing and maintenance made the investment impractical for SMBs. However, as the technology improved and companies made the switch to cloud based technologies, document management software became an investment that was in reach for even the smallest businesses.

In human resources, security, integration and workflow made implementing early solutions very difficult for Human Resource departments. HR needs to keep track of large volumes of documents and at the same time make sure there is controlled and limited access to confidential documents. There are also government and corporate policies that need to be adhered to.

In an article on Aberdeen Essentials entitled, 6 Ways Document Management Solutions Improve HCM at SMBs, former Principal of DocStar, Jeff Frankel commented, “The migration of DMS systems from self-hosted applications to a globally accessible Software as a Service model had substantially reduced the investment in DMS.” SaaS also addresses the security and compliance concerns of HR and management.

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