Benefits of Productivity Tools for Fundraising-Guest Post

Organizing a fundraising event can be a challenge. Fortunately there are tools like Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Event Management software that can make it simpler.

In the world of fundraising, missing paperwork equals missed donations, which can be tough to swallow when every dollar counts. Using an ECM system and automating business processes ensures efficiency and donor retention.

Take the 6 Minute Tour!

Take the 6 Minute Tour!

An ECM system can be leveraged to track donations and streamline donation-driven activities. This not only makes the entire process easier and more effective for everyone involved, but also allows for an easier, more secure flow of dollars.

A content management system refers to the methods, strategies, and tools used to capture, store, manage, preserve, and deliver content and documents associated to organizational processes. This is imperative in the world of fundraising due to the number of forms, documents, and donation histories that are retained and managed. Such technology also has the ability to integrate with your company’s current Event planning solution, for further business efficiency.

Today’s post was written by Greater Giving, a technology company offering integrated technologies to help simplify event management.

Event management software can streamline your systems and create a better experience for your guests.

Automate your processes

With event management software you can automate many aspects of running an event.

For instance, your guests can register online before they even arrive at the door. You can capture their credit card information as they register or check in and link it to their bidder number. From that point on, all their transactions are automated. Your guests just present their bidder number to bid on auction items, make direct donations, purchase raffle tickets and buy beverages. All purchases are instantly logged into the system.

At the end of the evening you can send your guests a “thank you” email with an itemized receipt.

Streamline your event

Many event management systems also have a mobile app, so your Bid Assistants can greet people at the door and check in groups or individuals as they arrive. This allows you to provide a more gracious, personal welcome for your guests. The more pleasant their experience at your event, the more likely they are to return again next year.

Your Bid Assistants, armed with their mobile devices, can also circulate through the room offering additional items for sale. Checkout is much easier too. Bid Assistants can help people check out even as they sit at their table enjoying time with their friends.

With the ability to email receipts, not only do your guests receive an itemized list of their purchases (which makes their own bookkeeping easier), they don’t have to wait in line to get a printed receipt. They’ll be able to pick up their items faster at the end of the evening.

Reduce costs

With a manual process, you are stuck with registration tables and often long lines for your guests. You can capture their information in a spreadsheet, but all the information must be entered manually—a process that is time consuming and error prone. Correlating different types of data (e.g. sales per bidder) becomes cumbersome and difficult.

A manual system also means setting up enough credit card terminals to accommodate the number of guests attending the event, connecting those terminals to a phone line or to the Internet and making sure your printers are working and have enough paper. Each purchase is a separate credit card transaction, which means these transactions are less secure than with an automated system.

Improve ROI

Knowledge is power and one of the really great things about event management software is the insights you can gain from year to year. These insights allow you to improve the effectiveness of your event and generate more revenue. With software, you can generate reports that tell you:

  • Who are your biggest donors
  • Which items/packages are most successful
  • How much each bidder spent and what he or she purchased
  • Table groupings and assignments

Software Can Make a Difference

To create an effective fundraiser, you need good tools. Event management software can be the catalyst for turning an adequate fundraiser into an event to remember. By streamlining the logistics, you can reduce your costs, create an enjoyable atmosphere for your guests and generate more revenue for your cause.

About the Author

Greater GivingAlexandra Saavedra is the Digital Marketing Manager for Greater Giving. With Greater Giving solutions, nonprofit and school fundraising needs are met with innovative technology, return on investment, and people passionate about their causes—creating seamless engagement for everyone involved in fundraising efforts. Visit their website to learn more.