Gem Young Insurance Improves Customer Retention DocStar Document Management

Family-owned Ohio-based insurance agency, Gem Young Insurance, has operated for more than 60 years. With 6,000 clients,GemYoung_Logo_rgb_FullColor1 the paper burden was enormous. Fulfilling their goal of addressing customer needs on the first phone call was impossible without access to all the necessary information from each workstation.

The integration was simple for Gem Young. A single mouse click allowed the agency to retrieve a list of documents by client code or policy.

Leo Daprile, President of Gem Young Insurance, said “DocStar feels like a natural extension of TAM.” The integration of DocStar helped maximize efficiency since not only could employees easily find information for customers, but when tasks were handed off between workers, employees could pick up one project from where another one left off.

“With all of the information available at each desktop, it’s much easier for our service personnel to have a full picture of our clients and their activity, which makes it easier for service personnel to pick up where another left off,” said Daprile. “The DocStar system enables our key service personnel to do what they do best, service the client. There is considerably less time being spent finding documents, and this saves us money.”

Leo Daprile, President, Gem Young Insurance

By integrating DocStar software with Applied Systems TAM (The Agency Manager) software, Gem Young is now able to get information to customers without delay or difficulty.

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