Going Green Using Document Management

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When it comes to different ways of wooing clients, your office aught to consider the concept of “going green,” and take it a bit further than simply adopting the blue recycling bins.  Go above and beyond by utilizing document management systems and demonstrate to your environmentally friendly customers that you truly are invested in the future of the earth.

In 2010, the US Environmental Protection Agency reported that the average office worker in the US uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year, or four million tons of copy paper annually.  Additionally, they reported that in 2008, paper and paperboard made up 31% of municipal waste.  Armed with facts and figures like these, you’re sure to convince any doubtful members of upper-level management that a document system is worth the initial cost.

But, just in case there’s still a bit of doubt, let us continue with some other added benefits that will make your office manager’s ears perk up.  A paperless office is able to reduce a number of costs ranging from decreased real estate to store files, lower printing costs, and increased productivity.  Electronic documents are easier to access, track, and manage than paper documents.  This implies that the documents are not only more secure, but allows for employees to spend more time accomplishing their duties and less time searching for absent or misplaced files.

Finally, the most commonly reported benefit from offices that have taken the steps to go paperless is that it has indirectly lead to an improvement in customer service.  The high level of organization that document management systems provide allows for the company to deliver a more timely service for their clients. And, as we are all well aware, a satisfied client is one who will likely return!