How Much Does a Cloud Investment Help Your Organization?

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David Spark, the founder of Spark Media Solutions, posed this challenge on

While it’s well known that the cloud helps organizations “do more with less,” the follow up question of “how much?” is far less known. IT rarely asks that question, yet the business does ask, and the business wants answers. If IT is going to better align themselves with business operations, they must be able to objectively quantify the value of the cloud.

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Of course the business asks the question. While a business must oversee all its strategic objectives in relation to its business expenditures, a business unit, such as IT, must ensure that its operational objectives align with and help achieve the goals of the business.

Bringing us back to the question, “how much does a cloud investment help your organization?”

Experts responded with how they measure the value the cloud brings to a business including defining ROI, comparing costs, the value of the cost (not merely the cost savings), customer KPIs, and solving specific problems.

A list of 20 ways to measure the success of your growing cloud investment is not going to be all-inclusive, but it is a good place to start in quantifying the value of the cloud.

As Spark notes, when you look through the experts’ advice, “pick and choose what’s right for your organization. Note: Please don’t skip tip number one. It’s appropriate for all businesses.”

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