How Your Business Can Survive a Hit by Mother Nature

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) probably says it best, “your ability to recover from an emergency tomorrow may depend on the planning and preparation you do today.”

And that is as true to each of us personally as it is to our place of business. So what planning and preparation have you taken to ensure that your business can survive a hit by Mother Nature? Is your business based in a hurricane, flooding, or tornado zone? Or, how would something unforeseeable such as a fire impact your ability to do business?

Jeff Frankel, Executive Vice President and Principal at DocStar, explored this topic in a recent post on CloudTweaks.

It is really hard to imagine losing your entire physical business and everything inside of it. But there are ways to protect your important documents, from contracts and invoices to sensitive legal and financial data – during a disaster. While nothing can mitigate the economic costs of a severe storm, using cloud-based ECM software can reduce risk and allow businesses to continue to transact under extreme conditions.

When you do not have to be concerned with physical documents that may be sitting in a filing cabinet or any type of storage, a business surviving without a physical presence is not so difficult to imagine. Cloud-based document management allows a business to access information from anywhere, any time.

So, if you are asked, “can your business survive if your office space didn’t?” You can feel much more confident in the answer being yes if you prepare and plan now.

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