Human Resources: From Cost Center to Value Center

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HR headaches

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If these problems resonate with your HR professionals,you are not alone. They are the biggest HR headaches as defined by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The fundamental mission of any human resources department is to find and recruit the best talent, help motivate those employees to top performance, and maintain an organizational culture of high morale and high accomplishment. But that is difficult to do if your professional staff are struggling to keep up with the complexities of technology, having to do more with less, find it difficult to keep track of information while working with outdated data, all the while having to stay engaged with employees and potential employees.

So, how do you Relieve Your 5 Biggest HR Headaches? In her article for SHRM, Sasha McClendon, suggests the following:

Time is essentially your most important asset, so being able to properly prioritize the various duties and functions of your HR department, and creating a streamlined process that automates simple or menial tasks can help free up your time to focus on the bigger picture.

Ideally, you’d be able to access information on all of your candidates from one place. However, finding systems and tools that can easily communicate with one another can also effectively cut down on confusion.

If your HR staff are spending more time performing administrative tasks than they do working in activities that bring value to your organization then your HR department is truly a cost center versus a value center and a head-ache inducing situation.

In recent years many key business functions like accounts payable have been successfully automated with enterprise content and document management tools. Now, organizations are beginning to focus their automation efforts on the human resources function with goal of empowering professional staff and transform HR from a cost center to a value center.