A Fresh Look at HR Automation

Managing Documents in the Human Resources Department

human resources document management

Enterprise Content Management and Document Management are hot topics and technologies…and for good reason. Eliminating the burden of paper and boosting the efficiency of business processes are important drivers for document management adoption in organizations of all sizes and from all industries.

The Document Management Mix

Document management is used widely to improve key processes like accounts payable and claims processing, but one fundamental activity that is often overlooked in the mix is Human Resources. Despite the increasing digitization of business today, the truth is that the HR function in many organizations continues to be burdened by manual workflow and stacks of paperwork.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the average HR staffer spends up to 25% of their time handling employee-related paperwork.

A Fresh Look at HR Automation

Organizations are taking a fresh look at the advantages of document management in HR and new attention is being focused on this core activity.

Companies find that a great deal of time and money is saved by reducing paper and automating where possible. Rather than spend a quarter of their time on paperwork and administration, HR staff find more time to concentrate on their core mission which is to recruit and retain talented employees and in turn bring more value to the organization.

In today’s digital age, it simply no longer makes sense to have highly skilled HR staff burdened with antiquated paper-bound workflow and systems.

Added Value and ROI

One example of how HR departments can find tangible costs savings is the employee onboarding process.

When a new employee is hired the process involves a number of important documents; tax forms, benefit enrollments and employment contracts are common, as well as any number of additional documents including non-compete/non-disclosure agreements, employment eligibility forms and background checks – creating a new employee file of 20 documents or more.

If each document requires an average of 1.5 minutes to process, the result is 30 minutes of data entry per employee.  For a company with hundreds of employees, especially in high-turnover industries, reducing this time-consuming and repetitive administration burden can result in significant savings in HR staffing overhead.

“With DocStar, I can pull up anything the employee needs – say insurance or tax information and email it to them directly. This really helps me protect employee confidentiality and get them the information they need quickly.”

-Cindy Upshaw, Human Resources Manager, Nazdar

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How Do You Do It?

HR can be a source of strategic advantage for every company, but is your Human Resources department able to effectively and efficiently do their job?

Document management software for Human Resources helps your HR department eliminate the burden of paper and improve office efficiency. Personal information for every employee and applicant’s information is safely stored in our electronic repository for quick and easy access.

Every resume, cover letter, internal memo, employee review, sick leave request and more is traceable and easily maintained. HR documents like employee files, medical records, and I-9 documents are stored in individual folders to ensure separation of key HR files. Security features protect employee privacy and comply with the most stringent standard and regulations.